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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Thermoplastic Extrusion Machinery

BIINDUSTRIES is one of the leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Thermoplastic Extrusion Machinery such as PPMultifilament Plant, PP Strapping band (Box Strapping) plant, HDPEMonofilament plant, PPSutli Plant, Reprocessingplant, & its accessories like High speed Mixer, Grinder, Screw-Barrel etc.
BI is established by Mr. Natubhai Panchal in 1988 who have more than 25 Years of Experience in Manufacturing of ExtrusionMachinery.

BI Manufacturer process is look after by young and dynamic Mechanical Engineer Mr. Mahendra Panchal who have 4 Years of Experience in Manufacturing PlasticMachinery. He is also look for R & D and Marketing matter.

BI exports Machinery since 1990 and they are still running trouble free and successfully. At BI there is no compromise for Quality because of that our customer have 100% satisfaction with plant performance. We are regularly get repeated order from our clients.
 We also have good infrastructure to develop any tailor made machine as per customer requirement.
We are continuously improve our product range by implement of latest and advance technology which is beneficier to client for higher production and cost effective.
We are provide satisfactory service after sell for timely delivery of spare parts as per customer requirement.
For more details please visit us at : www.biplastics.com